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Netherlands Wilhelmina

Netherlands Guilder

22 mm
6.056 g

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Gold weight: 6.056 g
Coin weight: 6.7290 g
Gold proof: 900
Diameter: 22 mm
Denomination: 10 Guilders

Queen Wilhelmina (full name Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Marie) ascended the throne after her father, King Willem III, died in 1890. Strong-willed Wilhelmina became a forceful personality who spoke and acted her mind. These qualities showed up early on in her reign when, at the age of 20, Queen Wilhelmina ordered a Dutch warship to South Africa to rescue Paul Kruger, the embattled President of the Transvaal. For this, Wilhelmina gained international stature and earned the respect and admiration of people all over the world. Also known for her business ability, Wilhelmina collected a fortune through various business dealings and investments that surpassed a billion dollars, making her the first female billionaire in history. Her involvement in World War II was widely publicized as well, as she called Adolf Hitler "the arch-enemy of mankind." Her late-night broadcasts were eagerly awaited by her people.

Her rule lasted a remarkable fifty-eight years. After her reign, the influence of the Dutch monarchy began to decline but the country's love for its royal family continued. No longer queen, Wilhelmina made few public appearances until the country was devastated by the North Sea flood of 1953. Once again she travelled around the country to encourage and motivate the Dutch people.

Altogether four different Wilhelmina gold coins were issued:

  • Young Queen Wilhelmina with long hair (minted 1892 – 1897)
  • Young Queen Wilhelmina with tiara
  • Mature Queen Wilhelmina with tiara (minted 1911 – 1917)
  • Elder Queen Wilhelmina (minted 1925 – 1933).

Obverse: Queen Wilhelmina surrounded by the Dutch inscription KONINGIN WILHELMINA - GOD ZIJ MET ONS (Queen Wilhelmina - God Is With Us). 

Reverse: Coat of Arms showing lion rampant below the Dutch Crown. The country's name KONINGRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN (Kingdom of The Netherlands) in Dutch and the year of release. There is a seahorse to the left of the date, and a caduceus to the right.

Monetary Unit
The Dutch monetary unit has various names. In the Netherlands, it is known as a gulden or florin, but English speakers usually refer to it as a guilder.